Finishing varnish Sinma - M + V

Indications for use:
  • finishing varnish Sinma-M+V is used for covering surfaces of metallic constructions of unremovable dental prosthesis before their tiling with plastic;


Strong points:

  • excludes show through of metal through facing plastic;
  • fast selection of corresponding color of a varnish covering is provided with 4 colors of basic powders (A, B, C, D) corresponding to the basic shades of "Vita" scale;
  • for amplification of intensity of a shade to the basic powder add concentrates of dyes of 5 colors (white, yellow, brown, grey, pink);
  • pink concentrate of a powder can be applied for covering of metal parts of designs while manufacturing clasp artificial limbs;
  • high adhesion of a varnish covering to a metal design (6 MPa being placed in water environment at 37 °C during 24 hours);
  • strong connection of facing plastic of the metal design excluding dissolution of a varnish covering;
  • as facing plastic it is recommended to apply plastic Sinma-M+V or Sinma-M;


Complete set:

  • powder of 4 colors (A. B. C. D) — 4 jars 8 g each;
  • liquid — 1 vial 55 g;
  • dye concentrates of 5 colors (white, yellow, brown, grey and pink) — 5 jars 4 g each;
  • plug-dropper — 1 pc;
  • application instruction;

It is possible to supply pink concentrate in the separate pack:

  • pink dye concentrate — 1 jar 15 g;
  • liquid — 15 g vial;
  • plug-dropper — 1 pc;
  • application instruction;