Colorless plastic

Indications for use:
  • complete upper- and lower-jaw dentures manufacturing in cases when colored bases are contraindicated;


Strong points:

  • plastic material contains an ageing retarder;
  • plastic material has high strength properties;
  • plastic material is transparent;
  • plastic material provides for high accuracy shape reproduction;


Application instructions:

  • powder-liquid ratio should be 2:1 respectively;
  • molding time is about 30 minutes;
  • carry out the process of polymerization in dental flasks at the temperature being gradually increased up to 100°C within 50-60 minutes;
  • polymerization time is about 30 minutes;
  • cool the flask down to room temperature;


Complete set:

Powder                                                      300 g (2 packs)
Liquid 150 ml (1 vial)
Application instruction