Indications for use:
  • manufacturing of temporary plastic crowns;
  • relocation of plastic crowns;
  • recovery of masticatory surfaces of artificial resin teeth in removable plate-type dentures and units as they abrade;
  • recovery of occlusion height;




Strong points:

  • no «sand stage»;
  • high plasticity properties;
  • crowns are easy to treat and polish;
  • plastic material can be applied layer by layer;
  • high degree of adhesion;


Application instructions:

  • powder-liquid ratio should be 2:1;
  • mixing process should last 40-50 seconds;
  • plastic properties of the mass will be maintained for 1,5 - 2 minutes;
  • curing time should be 6-10 minutes;
  • polish the material without excessive pressure;
  • color numbers shall conform to the dental coloring pattern;


Complete set:


color А2

color А3               

color В2


20 g (1 vial)

20 g (1 vial)

20 g (1 vial)

Liquid 50 g (2 vials)
Measuring spoon for powder 1 pcs.
Dropper cap 2 pcs.
Application instruction