Parting varnish ISOCOL – 69

Indications for use:
  • insulation of plaster mold surface to avoid merging of wax with acrylic plastics;


Strong points:

  • solution is easy to use;
  • optimal viscosity provides high quality of film;
  • solution does not charge the model surface;
  • good insulating properties;


Application instructions:

  • remove wax from the plaster surface;
  • boil the model (mold) in water in order to degrease it;
  • do not put the brush into the vial containing lsocol-69;
  • do not pour any unused lsocol-69 into the vial;
  • film generation time is 1-5 minutes;


Complete set:

Liquid                                                 150 ml (1 vial)
Application instruction