Redont - colir

Indications for use:
  • manufacturing of orthodontic appliances (transparent or colored appliances for appearance improvement purposes);
  • manufacturing of orthopedic structures (transparent or colored structures depending on individual gum color);
  • repair and relocation of removable dentures including those made of colorless plastic for denture bases;


Strong points:

  • multipurpose use;
  • transparency;
  • using dye concentrates (red, yellow, blue) it is possible to produce rose-, red-, yellow-, blue-, green- colored plastics;
  • the plastic material is well combined with base materials (Ftorax, Etacryl-02, Colorless plastic) as well as with Protacryl-M and Redont-03 plastics;
  • rapid polymerization and high production efficiency;


Application instructions:

  • weight ratio of the powder-liquid mixture should be 2:1 respectively;
  • if necessary add 1-5 drops of dye concentrate of the desired color to the liquid and mix it with the powder to obtain the molding mass;
  • carry out the polymerization process at room temperature or in a polymerizer under pressure of 3 atm. and temperature 40-45°C during 20-30 minutes;
  • treat and polish the plastic material by conventional methods;


Complete set:

Powder                                                      150 g (1 pack)
Liquid 100 g (1 vial)

Dyes concentrates:





15 g (dropper vial)

15 g (dropper vial)

15 g (dropper vial)

Dropper cap 3 pcs.
Application instruction