Indications for use:
  • filling of carious cavities in different groups of permanent teeth;
  • manufacture of insets;
  • single-stage manufacture of plastic crowns and pivot crowns;





Strong points:

  • low water absorption;
  • material has good plasticity properties;
  • fillings are easy to treat and polish;


Application instructions:

  • powder-liquid ratio should be 2:1 respectively;
  • mix up powder with liquid thoroughly;
  • introduce 1 or 2 portions of the material in carious cavities;
  • curing time should be 5-7 minutes;
  • color numbers shall conform to the uniform dental coloring pattern;


IMPORTANT! Avoid using linings that contain eugenol and phenol


Complete set:


color A2

color A3

color A3,5

color B2

color C2

color A1


10 g (1 vial)

10 g (1 vial)

10 g (1 vial)

10 g (1 vial)

10 g (1 vial)

10 g (1 vial)

Liquid 50 g (2 vials)
Dropper cap 2 pcs.
Spatula 50 pcs.
Dental mortar 1 pcs.
Application instruction