Indications for use:
  • formation of wax models in fixed prosthetics;
  • manufacture of plastic crowns;
  • manufacture of combined crowns;
  • manufacture of metal-plastic facets;
  • manufacture of pivot crowns;
  • manufacture of semi-crowns;
  • manufacture of three-quarter crowns;
  • manufacture of insets by the indirect method;


Strong points:

  • material can be softened without being delaminated;
  • dry and non-viscous chips can be produced;
  • wax is plastic and easy to mold;
  • wax ash content does not exceed 0,1 %;


Application instructions:

  • soften a stick of wax above torch flame;
  • squeeze softened wax by fingers and proceed to the modeling process;
  • model wax using any dentistry tools;


Complete set:

Wax sticks                                                      20 g (10 pcs.)
Application instruction